Who is HENRY?

The “HENRY” Definition

The term HENRY stands for “high earners, not rich yet” and describes the subset of millennials that have six-figure incomes but are not quite rich yet.

HENRYs tend to have disposable income and a penchant for quality services, luxury goods, and experiences. #welikenicethings. Traveling, dining out, living well, looking fabulous, and basically doing the most are all in the HENRY wheelhouse. Given their high incomes, it is plausible that HENRYs may become wealthy in the future (Yah us)! *cheers in financial stability*

HENRY Headaches

Hold your horses– I said plausible, as in strong likelihood, but not there right now (or maybe ever)!

HENRYs’ incomes are higher than almost 80 percent of U.S. households, but they still struggle with finances and maintaining their lifestyles. Why, though?! HENRYs’ high incomes are often rivaled by their exorbitant student loan debt. How else do you think they got those sky-high incomes in the first place?! HENRYs are usually in finance, tech, health care, law, and real estate and although they do well for themselves, after accounting for expenses like rent/mortgage, student loan payments, insurance, groceries, and a billion other bills (i.e. weekly brunch), financially, HENRYs aren’t where they would like to be. This is even more apparent for those of us in cities with a high cost of living and where every Uber ride or Sweetgreen salad is up for debate. Or, how about if you’re the first person in your family to be in that tax bracket? Family members sometimes expect you to share the wealth, and you love them so you willingly contribute to their lives as well.


Despite these woes, HENRYs have it pretty good! Whereas most millennials are disparaged for being lazy, entitled, and lacking focus, HENRY millennials are out here putting in work and looking flawless. We aspire for greatness and aren’t afraid to hustle for it. If you can relate to any of these attributes or are inspired by this lifestyle then you belong in the HENRY Hive. Here, we’ll discuss HENRY highs and headaches, so let us all be friends and get the conversation started.