Sarasa® Grand Gel – Perfect for Meticulous Attorney Notes

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The word attorney likely conjures up images of courtrooms, gavels, and dense text, but an image that isn’t at the forefront is how much time we spend writing and annotating. Before I can successfully advocate on behalf of my client in any capacity, whether orally or in writing, I have likely spent hours underlining and annotating relevant statutory and regulatory authority, among other texts. For such tasks, I need a writing utensil that is bold, dries quickly, and helps me achieve my goals while also helping me stand out. Lately, my go to has been my Sarasa® Grand Gel Retractable Pens. Check out more information here to see how you can Choose Different and keep reading to find out why the fashionable Sarasa Grand has become a writing staple for me.

Legal Lefty – Dries Quickly 

I am left-handed and unintentionally drag the side of my hand as I write. If the writing utensil I am using doesn’t dry quickly then the paper and my hand are left smeared and messy. I have dealt with this issue my whole life and I’ve been more acutely aware of it in my professional career. In the past, I’ve cringed when colleagues borrow my books and handwritten notes and comment on how messy the margins are. I feel like a grade schooler being chastised for poor penmanship.

As such, I need a writing utensil that dries quickly so when I inevitably drag my hand across the paper, nothing is smeared. The Sarasa Grand is perfect because regardless of how quickly I write, the ink always dries fast and my hand and paper remain free and clear of smudged ink. Most importantly, I am able to complete my work without hassle and would gladly show off my notes. While only lefties are intimately familiar with the pains of dragging our hands across the paper, everyone can appreciate a writing tool that dries quickly, sans drama.  

Affordable and Durable Premium Pen 

With my fashion choices, I am always contemplating cost-per-wear, which means the cost of the item divided by the number of times you wear it. This calculation can also be applied to writing utensils. Specifically, given the amount of time throughout the day that I am taking notes, I need a pen with a long-life span that I can use over and over and is also affordable (and stylish). Affordability is crucial because I need to have more than one on hand and I don’t want to pay an exorbitant amount of money to have an effective pen. Think of it as cost-per-writing and the Sarasa Grand gets high marks (no pun intended). 


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Bold and Brazen Ink 

Bold ink, which makes it easier to find underlined text, is another notable attribute of the Sarasa Grand Gel Retractable Pen. My job is fast-paced, and I am constantly having to quickly reference materials I have previously annotated. I love that with the Sarasa Grand pens, my underlines, circles, and annotations are loud and clear. Legal work is demanding enough and being able to find my notes at a glance makes me much more efficient. 

Next time you are in the market for an affordable, durable, and quick drying pen, consider the Sarasa Grand Gel Pen and tell me what you think if you decide to purchase. 

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