The Greenbrier – A Southern Retreat

The last time my husband and I visited The Greenbrier in Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, our priority list included: rest, relaxation, and escapism. The Greenbrier dutifully fulfilled all three. 

Dubbed as America’s resort, The Greenbrier offers something for everyone, even for two childless urbanites. It’s perfect for a micro-cation. Continue reading if you want all the southern tea, specifically the parts I find noteworthy about the Greenbrier. 

The Greenbrier – Background

The Greenbrier is a National Historic Landmark and has welcomed guests (including 27 of the 45 presidents), celebrities, and royalty since 1778. Walking on the property feels like you are in a different era, one in which society lauded things like tea, dress codes, and leisure activities.


The Greenbrier is enormous, which is great because there is a room-size and rate to accommodate any budget. Looking for a room with a sitting area and views? They have that, but the price will reflect it. If a standard sized hotel room is more your speed, the Greenbrier also accommodates that price point. 

Regardless of the price point, all the rooms are eccentrically decorated with iconic Dorothy Draper‘s motifs to match the aesthetic of the property. Think bright colors, florals, stripes, and frills. I have stayed at the Greenbrier twice and each time, the rooms are my favorite part of the visit because I enjoy the whimsical components. 


There are so many food options (19 to be exact) making it easy to catch a bout of decision paralysis. There are cocktail bars, fine dining options, and my absolute favorite: Draper’s. As an ode to Dorothy Draper, it’s decorated in her signature style and there’s so much millennial pink in there that my heart just wants to burst. 

Bonus: I also enjoy the afternoon tea because it is accompanied by period dancing and free cookies and tea. 


The Greenbrier is a resort, as opposed to a regular hotel, so there are a ton of activities that keep guests of all ages entertained. Although lots of the activities are for families with kids, there are still a lot of adult-friendly recreational activities. My favorites included: hiking, magic show (it was for adults), bunker tour, and a tour of the estate. 

There is also a casino on the property, so even though it doesn’t technically count as an activity, it is fun to just walk down from your room into the hustle and bustle of a casino.


The Greenbrier has a dress code. For example, ladies are advised that “bonnets are always in style,” while hats for men are a hard no. Even children have to dress to impress, and if they are over 10 years old, they are required to wear attire similar to that of adults. 

The dress code may be restrictive and possibly off-putting for some, but for me it was an opportunity to dress up and have fun. 


If you are in DC or in the immediate vicinity, the Greenbrier is a fabulous resort to retreat to! It is the right combination of escapism and proximity to make it a perfect Millennial HENRY getaway. 

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