Have you ever taken a few days off from work, specifically one to four days, to travel for fun? If you responded yes, then you have treated yourself to a micro-cation! Micro-cations are vacations fewer than five nights for leisure and they are a trend surging in popularity with millennials in comparison to previous generations. Micro-cations are convenient, less expensive than longer trips, and fit into our busy millennial schedules. 

For more on micro-cations and why I enjoy them, keep reading. 

What are Micro-cations? 

According to a survey conducted by Allianz Global Assistance USA, 72% of millennials took at least one micro-cation in the last year, compared to 69% of Generation X and 60% of baby boomers. 

Micro-cations are one of my favorite ways to explore new places, namely because they require shorter commitments than a longer overseas vacation. While I still love to explore new countries, I can do that with less frequency than micro-cations. 

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Micro-cations are Less Expensive 

Since micro-cations are shorter in length, they are financially more feasible than traditional week-plus escapes. More time lounging and frolicking, equals more dollars. Further, because they are traditionally shorter, micro-cations generally mean that you are traveling to destinations that are closer to your home base, hence flights are likely cheaper. (It is also more environmentally friendly to opt for destinations closer to home.) 

More Micro-cations, More Vacations 

Some say it’s better to lump all your time off  together in order to take longer, more restful vacations for the purpose of recharging fully. While I don’t doubt that it is true, for me, looking forward to smaller vacations during the year really makes me happy and more productive. For example, when I have a vacation coming up at the end of a couple of weeks, it’s easier for me to remain industrious at work and other adult-y tasks. 

Mirco-cations = less shame

I try not to subscribe to this mindset, but admittedly I have at times opted for a micro-cation in lieu of a longer vacation because I did not want to be judged by my employer. I am not alone— at least 25 percent of millennials feel “vacation shame.” In sum, because we are part of the never-not-working or always busy culture we sometimes find it difficult to take time off of work, especially if our co-workers are not using their vacation days. 

Now that you know all about micro-cations, let me know what you think! Have you indulged in micro-cations? 





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