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I purchased the ubiquitous Gucci belt early in 2019, despite telling myself for years that it was not for me. My initial apprehension stemmed from the fact that it was everywhere. I couldn’t peacefully waste my time on Instagram without seeing it. So big, bold, and in your face. But as they say, the line between love and hate is thin, and at some point my disdain morphed into pure adoration. 

I’ve had it for about a year now, and below are my thoughts. Let me know what you think! 

What Changed?

The change of heart occurred the summer of 2018 when I suddenly became enamored by outfits that were punctuated with the belt. Maybe it was the constant exposure to the popular accessory that wore me down, the fact that I couldn’t scroll through Instagram without seeing her in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Her versatility got me! She could transform any outfit and I needed that magic in my closet. 

Functional Luxury

Additionally, like most HENRYs when purchasing luxury goods, I am interested in quality and craftsmanship. Luxury items need to be functional and longevity is an important factor. The luxury goods I invest in (shoes, purses, and accessories), I wear from season to season, and often for years. As a result, for me its quality over name recognition. Here are some of the other attributes I consider when making a luxury purchase:

  • Price 
  • Material and components 
  • Construction 
  • Workmanship 
  • Durability and Value 
  • Comfortability and Usability 
  • Functionality and Performance 
  • Aesthetics

Overall, the Gucci belt scored high across the board. Especially, on comfortability, usability, and materials. I envisioned wearing the belt on various occasions with different outfits, and that is exactly what I did for a year.  Even though the Gucci belt is pricey, the number of times I could wear it and up-level my outfit justified the hefty price tag for me.

Helpful Tips

Below are helpful tips I uncovered on my journey to the Gucci belt.

I wear multiple clothing sizes. In dresses, I am usually a US 4 or 6. As for pants, the range is wider depending on the brand, but usually it is 6-8.  In order to determine which size worked best for me, I visited the Gucci store to try it on. I ended up buying size 85-34. The sales associate suggested that I choose where I wanted to wear it, either at the waist or around the hips for (jeans). I wanted both. Under those circumstances, the advice is generally to purchase two separate belts. That is a hard no for me. 

Instead, I purchased a slightly bigger belt and then went to the cobbler and had them add two additional holes. With this modification I can wear the belt at my waist and with jeans. Gucci does not suggest this option because if the cobbler ruins the leather in the process, they are not liable, so exercise caution if you choose to go down this path. 

Another helpful resource guide is here. This blogger does a good job of explaining measurements and leather types.


I love the Gucci belt because she’s an outfit anchor. Meaning, it upgrades any outfit and can transform a basic outfit into something more noteworthy. Also, the belt has been a good cost per wear investment. More on cost per wear here.

One thing to note is that I do not wear this to work. While the belt is versatile and can be dressed up or down, I usually do not wear designer items to work. What do you all think? Designer at work or no?! 

I have a couple other items from the brand that I find noteworthy (including the Gucci tights and loafers). Let me know I should do more reviews on these other gems. 


  • Thank you for writing this blog! I’ve been working on stepping up my fashion game over the past year and this belt does appear everywhere. I’ve recently started considering the idea of purchasing one but the price is steep and I haven’t quite decided if it’s the right investment for me at this time based on my daily looks. Like you, I invest in pieces that I’m going to wear/use often. Fortunately, I have your blog to refer to when/if I make the jump.

    • I am glad you enjoyed it! I considered this purchase for so long that I had to share why it took me so long to finally decide. I can see you pulling this off effortlessly! You have so many fun looks that this belt would perfectly complement them. I also understand your hesitancy because of the price, but at least know when/if you decide to buy it that you are investing in something that will last for years.

  • You know I’ve been mulling over this belt for centuries LOL. Every time I have the additional funds I’m like…I could buy so many more things with this cash! But this post (and blog in general) is helping me to realize QUALITY > QUANTITY is the way to go. So helpful as always <3

  • Thank you for sharing your insight! Totally learned something new and will be implementing this strategy.

    • I am glad you found this helpful!! I use the cost per wear analysis for most of my luxury purchases and it helps me only buy the things I will truly wear.

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