Late Summer Amazon Finds

Back at it with another round-up of recent purchases from Amazon! I received positive feedback from the last haul, so I decided to hit you all with another one. 

The previous Amazon post’s theme was vacation essentials, and here the theme is basic glam-ish essentials?! If anyone can come up with a better name, please leave them in the comment section (sharing is caring). 

The ensuing list contains items that I really like, and not surprisingly they have all made cameos on my Instagram account. I purchase items from Amazon all the time that don’t end up working out, so these items are tried, tested, and Jenny-approved. 

1. Pearl Hoops 

Pearl-anything is ubiquitous right now. Headbands, necklaces, anklets and everything in between comes with faux pearls. I’ve already tried this trend with hair clips, and because I enjoyed those so much I opted for earrings as well.

I’m generally a hoop girl. I’ve worn them my whole life and it’s a style that I am comfortable wearing for play and work. The ones I purchased were $9.99 and they came with four different pairs. Two are small (workplace friendly) and the remaining pair is medium/large. Overall, I like these hoops because they complete my outfits, they are not heavy, and they are inexpensive. The only con is that you have to be careful putting them on because the faux pearls are fickle and can easily roll off the metal. 

2. Lashes

I have the shortest lashes in all the land. So short in fact, that I was once asked if I trim them, smh. I like to feel glam on the weekend so I always wear falsies from Friday- Sunday. I even wear them after work if I have a dinner or something social. 

Since I wear them so frequently, I go through them really quickly. My go-to pair is the Eylure Exaggerate Multi-Pack because I like how they look in pictures and in person. In the package they look dramatic, but once on, they aren’t as obnoxious. 

I recently purchased this pack because I wanted to try to different styles and their price for so many lashes was too good to pass up! Moving forward, I will probably continue to purchase both and alternate according to my mood/event type. 

3. Crop Top 

I’m always ready for an off-the-shoulder moment! The two below are my favorites because they easily pair with a range of items in my wardrobe. Anything from high waisted wide leg pants to shorts.  The tops are a ribbed cotton texture, which makes them machine washable and easy to pack and travel with. 

They are also $11.99. What a steal!

4. White Summer Dresses 

Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of pieces I purchased from Amazon, and these two dresses are no exception. I have only worn the one pictured below and I am saving the other one for a trip that I have coming up. 

The one I have worn is so cute and adorable. It makes me feel like a human cupcake, in a good way. It’s tiered, bouncy, and flattering and it’s not too short. Otherwise, I wouldn’t go outside with it lol. I’m most impressed with how it sustained all these characteristics after I washed it and placed it on a clothing rack to dry. Definitely a piece that can be worn over again and next summer. 

I will update this post once I wear the other dress. 

In the comments below let me know if you’ve ordered any of the mentioned items , if it worked out, or if there is anything you recommend that I order next. 

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  • Yessssss! Loving this post! Going to go purchase those hoops! Keep these amazon hauls coming, love prime and love you

  • Why did I find the off-shoulder tops already in my amazon shopping cart?! I love everything here – especially the eyelet dress! Giving me all the Kate Spade NY vibes I’ve ever dreamed of without the price tag!

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