Tropical Vacation Must-Haves from Amazon

My last vacation was under a month ago and I’m already plotting how I can squeeze in another tropical getaway. This is likely a futile exercise because I just started a new job and as a recent hire, my leave time is basically non-existent. Until then, I will live vicariously through everyone that still has an outstanding summer getaway. I’ll be the friend cheering from the side lines and commenting on all your pictures. 

For those of you with upcoming vacation plans, I’ve compiled a list of my top Amazon vacation must-haves from my last trip to Mexico. Amazon is my favorite place to stock up on vacation essentials because nothing beats two-day shipping and I’m always ordering stuff last minute. 

Keeping scrolling if you are interested in my top picks and let me know what your favorite must-haves are! 

1. Bathing Suits

I don’t know when it happened, but Amazon has become my go-to for swim suit shopping and this past vacation was no exception. Both bathing suits I wore on vacation were from Amazon and the prices are almost too good to be true. Sometimes I order things and expect them to be dish rags because the prices are so low, but I get proved wrong time and time again! I purchased both of these suits in a medium.

2. Visor for Curly Hair

Since going natural, I’ve racked my brain about how to vacation with my hair. For Samadhi in Peru, I decided to braid it up. By the time Mexico rolled around, I was over braids and just wanted my hair to be free.

I usually always wear hats on vacation to protect my skin from the sun (nobody has time for wrinkles), but my curly hair is so big that traditional hats are a no-go. Cue the visor! At first I thought I would look like an 80’s mom, but I ended up loving the carefree look. Most importantly, my curls stayed up and away from the chlorine. The most practical and stylish alternative to traditional hats! The one I purchased from Amazon rolls up and is ideal for packing.

3. Clear Purse

I admit it, I’m a purse snob! I’m a sucker for designer handbags and lust over them non-stop. Despite my penchant for luxury goods, I am a sensible girl at heart. I can’t justify buying a designer bag meant only for a particular occasion, i.e. a beach bag or a summer tote. As such, I turned to Amazon for an inexpensive resort bag. I settled on the purse pictured below because it reminded me of a designer bag I had been eyeing.

I want to pat myself on the back for this choice. It was perfect for resort life! I carried it to dinner, the pool, and everything in between. I enjoyed the spaciousness of the included pouch and the option of placing items outside the pouch where they’d be visible.

4. Matching Separates

If only everything in life was as easy as matching separates! Mindless and effortless, they are my vacation must-haves. I purchased the outfit pictured below in a medium and it was perfect. The pants have an elastic waist band, so they have a little give. The top is equally as stretchy and I’ve already worn it multiple times without the matching bottoms because its so easy to wear. I’m also wearing these faux pearl hair clips that matched all of my outfits!

5. Ray Ban Hexagonal Sunglasses 

Israel, Peru and Mexico: my Ray Ban hexagonal sunglasses have traveled the world! It speaks to their versatility because the aforementioned climates are all distinct and necessary wardrobe pieces vary markedly. Because they are easy to style and wear, I never hesitate to bring these beauties along.

Let me know what your Amazon vacation must-haves are and what you think of mine!


  • Everything on this list is a must have!!! The curly hair visor is something I would never think of getting but now it’s at the top of my list! Oh and the bathing suits are in my shopping cart as we speak!

  • Definitely buying the clear purse! And the bathing suits, but first, I gotta lose this “baby” weight. 😉

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