Samadhi in Peru’s Sacred Valley

Samadhi refers to the state of enlightenment – a union with the divine. It beckons a complete condition of concentration – the process before the self is released from its self-ignorance and enters the ultimate condition of kaivalya, or aloneness [1]. In this context, kaivalya is desirable because one becomes purely aware of the sanctity of one’s self.  Samadhi, the retreat center located in the Sacred Valley of Peru lives up to its name in the most exceptional way. The staff, steered by owner Fernando, works diligently at helping guests honor the sanctity of their selves by providing rich amenities that facilitate this process.

I had the privilege of staying at this property May 27 – June 2nd during a Pangea Dreams retreat.  A detailed overview of my stay and experience at this property is outlined below – per usual I detail both the highs and lows.  Feel free to ask questions or let me know if I left something out in the comments!



Nestled in the Sacred Valley and surrounded by the Andean highlands, Samadhi’s views are its crown jewel. Astounding vistas are at every crevice of the property – from the living room, dining area, bungalows, and especially the yoga studio. Waking up and looking outside I instantly felt taken aback by the beauty that enveloped me.

Yoga Studio

All of Samadhi is Instagrammable, but the Yoga studio in particular is a gem. Not only does the studio have an indescribable view, it’s also the space where I could instantly feel the majestic energy of the property. I am not even a yoga person and I enjoyed practicing yoga in this space and trying to connect with myself. I felt grounded and at peace just by looking outside (I know this sounds like fluff, but it’s true!).

I was so inspired in the yoga studio that I am contemplating taking beginner yoga classes in D.C.

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Samadhi is primed for relaxation and created for private group retreats, with the goal of bringing mindfulness and peace. The facilities are centered on the seven chakra energy centers in the body (Find out more about what chakras are if you are new to the lingo like me here.)

Dedicated areas to meditation, art, hiking trails, and an organic garden, where most of the property’s food is sourced from, are also found on site. These amenities/features work in unison to promote an ambiance of tranquility.

Photo by: @thatgrlty
In Collaboration with @pangeadreams



Wifi is only available in the main house, where most activities take place and it is specifically stronger on the second floor inside the massage room or the art studio. Therefore, if your idea of winding down at night involves scrolling through Instagram (like me) then you are out of luck. Not being connected to the internet during the night was a small digital detox that I didn’t know I needed. Nonetheless, sometimes I wanted to check my work email or respond to a text message and I was unable.


Samadhi serves mostly vegetarian/vegan dishes using grains and vegetables grown on site at the organic garden. Expect dishes made with quinoa, kiwicha, maca, and kandaniua. I am gluten free and the staff accommodated my diet for every meal. The dishes are intended to provide optimal nutritional value for each chakra. Each meal was delicious and beautiful, but I was usually not fully satisfied. I typically eat a high fat, moderate protein and low carb diet. At Samadhi, my diet was mostly carbs with very little protein, and my body was not adjusting well. The one bonus was that I was able to try the vegetarian life for a while and determined that it was not for me.


Because Samadhi is intended to serve groups on retreats, the seven bungalows are shared living spaces. The group that I was with occupied four of the seven bungalows and each bungalow had three beds. I’m unsure if bungalows for only one or two people exist, but my impression is that all bungalows are meant to be shared.

The bungalows get cold at night and night critters, like bugs and mosquitos like to visit. As such, I wore layers every day to keep warm and sprayed myself with a deet-based bug repellant before bed.


Despite the few lows I noted, staying at Samadhi was phenomenal and an unforgettable experience. I give this retreat center my highest commendation.


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