Why do I blog?

My recent trip to Israel (more on this trip soon) involved several long bus rides with strangers, without headphones. Yup, it’s as painful as it sounds.

I try to find a piece of good in everything, and in this instance the unexpected idle time gave me ample room for self-reflection, which though important, I seldom allot time for. So albeit forced, I welcomed the opportunity.

The Answer

The question that kept arising was why I started this blog. I questioned myself over and over again. What is the value of this blog? Who is it for? Why am I spending so much time curating this content?

A few dreams and bus rides later, the answer floated to the top of my thoughts like a buoy.

I blog for people just like me! My ideal audience member is either a HENRY, en route to becoming a HENRY, aspiring HENRYs, and everything in between.  As my about me indicates, I was raised by a single mom and come from modest means.  I grew up in Lawrence, Massachusetts, one of the poorest cities in the state. Despite having a higher percentage of people making less than the state’s median income, Lawrence’s culture is rich and vibrant.

I loved growing up there. It gave me grit and developed my creativity. While growing-up, I didn’t really go on vacations or dress in the trendiest of outfits. I had to get inventive with what I had, and make the money I earned from my part time job last.

Therefore, most of the noteworthy events and things I indulge in came later in life. For example, I didn’t know what a Longchamp bag was until I got to college and didn’t purchase one until I was in law school years later.

When I wanted to go on a “nice” vacation or buy an expensive bag, I really didn’t have anyone (apart from a few friends) to consult with. Even when I asked friends, I wasn’t comfortable because I didn’t want to be ridiculed for not being in the know.

A Safe Space

Given my background, I want my blog/social media to be a place for people like me to ask and share about experiences and items they may not have prior knowledge of or just want a place to serve as a sounding board. Or if they’re already in the know, I want to create a space where they can share tips and gems with the rest of us.

Therefore, in addition to sharing HENRY highs and lows, I also want to share posts about:

  • What to wear
  • When to wear it
  • Where to go

So, please don’t be afraid to chime in, ask questions, share alongside me, and add to the list. I want to build a community of like-minded millennials, a guide to pretty and noteworthy places and things.


Hi! I’m Jenny, a millennial HENRY. I practice law in Washington, D.C. where I live with my husband. Like most HENRYs, when I am not at toiling away at work, I enjoy travel, new experiences, and a good outfit. My obsession with all the above led me to create this blog. I yearned for a creative outlet to air out my thoughts on the HENRY lifestyle, and the headaches that sometimes accompany it. I invite you all to join the conversation with me! Sit down, scroll, and let’s discuss HENRYing it up, the Jenny way.

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  • Im so glad you decided to blog! I’m loving the content and fabulous pictures! 💁🏽 Looking forward to future posts. xoxo

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