What to Wear to Horseshoe Bend Overlook

The Horseshoe Bend Overlook is one of the most naturally stunning places I’ve ever laid eyes on. Located about four miles from Page, Arizona, the bend meanders around the Colorado River in a horseshoe shape (hence its moniker). It took over a millennium for this beauty to form and make its way down through the Grand Canyon. The end result is a natural wonder that can’t really be gleaned in photographs, though it’s fun to try. It’s absolutely breathtaking. Below are my attempts of trying to capture this magical place. If you’re yearning for more Horseshoe bend geological gems this article is helpful.

However, if you are wondering how to stylishly and practically dress for this excursion, keep reading below!

Top Five Wardrobe Considerations

1. Clothes

Prior to making the journey to Horseshoe bend, I obviously Instagram-stalked the geo-tag and took note of what other people wore. I noticed a few trends: workout pants, layers, and basic t-shirts.  I’m team #overdressed so those things weren’t going to cut it for me. Instead, I opted for a Zara two piece set that was stylish, yet practical. The material was stretchy and comfortable and the animal print concealed stains and sand bits that I would likely gather from generally being in nature.

Consider wearing something that doesn’t wrinkle easily and can handle lots of movement. It’s also important to note that the walk to the overlook is more of hike! Specifically, it’s about half a mile, each way, from the parking lot to the actual overlook and then back to the parking lot.  So if you can’t “hike” in it, I would advise against it.

2. Shoes

More on this hike business. The hike up is uphill and portions of it are through very sandy patches, most travel websites and travel blogs recommend wearing closed toed shoes. This is solid advice and I made my husband follow this, but I opted for sporty sandals because they matched my outfit better.  I don’t regret that decision one bit! The sandals I choose are practical, stable, and complimented my outfit perfectly without sacrificing my safety. Don’t be surprised if you see people in flip flops, heels, and other impractical shoes at that top. I don’t recommend those types of shoes because there are no railings at the top or other structural sources of support.

3. Sun Protection

My visit was Labor Day Weekend, so it was still pretty hot outside. Thankfully, we went early enough in the morning that the sun was not yet unbearable; however, I still made sure to lather my body and face with sunscreen. I knew I was taking lots of pictures so I used the Murad SPF sunscreen because there is no flashback and works well with my Estee Lauder foundation.

I also wore a hat to protect against the rising heat. The hat was both stylish and practical and I used it throughout my entire trip around Arizona. It’s fold-able, which makes it great for traveling, packing and storing away when it’s not in use.

4. Hands-Free Bag

There are no railings or other places to sit and rest while at the overlook, so it’s important to have a hands-free bag that you can store essentials in. Because it’s so sandy, I chose not to bring a designer bag because I didn’t want it to get dirty. Here is a link to the inexpensive drawstring bag I purchased.

5. Water

Don’t forget to hydrate! Even though the hike/walk is light, you will be parched by the time you reach the top. Part of enjoying the excursion is being comfortable and hydrated!

These were some of my biggest priorities– did I forget anything? What else would you all consider? Let me know by commenting below!  

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